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At Can-Swe, we manufacture quality outdoor work garments, protective apparel, rainwear, chainsaw chaps, high-visibility garments, etc.

Safety Pants

Exceeds the newest WCB BC safety regulations for leg protective devices

The lightest pant available on the market.

Safety pad extends 4" above the crotch on each thigh to provide critical coverage to large artery areas of the upper leg (standardsz dictate only crotch-to-ankle coverage).

Contoured high back to fit comfortably into the lower back area to keep saw dust out and kidney area warm.

Triple the amount of bartacking available from other manufacturers to provide strength in high stress areas. (eight bartacks in crotch area alone!)

Only the highest quality nickel plated brass, solid brass fasteners and zippers are used.

Distinctive high visibility red or gold pocket flaps give an added margin of safety to the user.

3600 TCS

Meets WCB PPE 1997

4100 TCS

Exceeds WCB PPE 1997


Meets WCB PPE 1997

Hurricane Rainwear

Designed to be light, comfortable, and waterproof in all conditions with the addition of being extremely durable and tear resistant.

Our line of rainwear is perfect for stormy West Coast weather. Combining visibility with protection from the elements, these also come fleece-lined for those Canadian winters.